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As part of your full 30-day warranty, you have 30 days to go through the course with me, watch every video, take every funnel template and apply the tactics.

After the 30 days, if it’s not everything I said and you don’t feel like you got amazing value, and you show me you’ve tried it daily by sending me your worksheets and logs, you get a full refund. We can even stay friends 🙂 

About Rudy Mawer


You don’t! I’ll teach you how to sell other people’s products, sell your own, or even offer services to sell other people’s offers as an agency within the first 3 days!

You can apply what you learn to virtually any industry or offer. I’ll give you tons of examples of winning funnels and offers that you can emulate for anything you’re selling. From ecomm products and supplements to coaching packages and agency services, you’ll be able to launch any type of offer with the skills you’ll learn in the challenge.

NO! Even if you join a few days late, you get all the access to previous modules and can catch up. You also get access forever, incase you need to skip some days.

You get unlimited access to the whole course inside the membership site!

Good question… After 30 days, you will still have unlimited access. You will be able to go and execute on your ideas and if you want to go a step further, of course, you can progress to one of Rudy’s other courses and programs.

Possibly! I recruit entrepreneurs for an exclusive Case Study program where my elite team and I build your entire funnel for you. This includes the sales page, upsells, Facebook ads and emails. If this is something you’re interested in, head here to book a call and let’s see if it’s a fit.

No! It Does Not Matter! Lots of people are on this course from Europe, the UK, Australia, Singapore, and of course, the USA and Canada, etc.

None. Just a small investment of your time and dedication 🙂 I recommend a few software programs and services I personally use, but you’re not obligated to buy anything. If you have a ClickFunnels account, you’ll be able to one-click import our templates to build your funnel but I’ll also give you a .png file of the templates for you to build your funnel on any other platform. You don’t HAVE to use ClickFunnels but a lot of people do because it’s easy to use. These softwares you can use are totally optional and very low cost (sub $100).

If you want to make serious progress with launching your funnel in the next 30 days, I would set aside about 30-60 minutes for each lesson and tasks for that day.

I’ll show you how to sell everything from a $20 ebook, to any other random product all the way up to a $5,000 coaching package in the next 30 days!

No, we’ll be covering a wide range of niches and verticals. You’ll be able to use the templates I share for virtually any offer. With that being said, I do have a lot of fitness examples simply because that was my first million $ funnel and business.

Yes 100%, I will show you how to sell all type of services, and, how to take your skills in business ONLINE! Lots of people with stores that are shut are taking this to go ONLINE and figure out how to adapt.

I’ll be doing live Q&A sessions for one to two hours every week and more as the challenge progresses via WhatsApp. You can also submit a funnel audit request if you want me to review your funnel and provide video feedback. Feel free to contact support@roimachines.com at any time with technical support and other questions. 

YES! Maybe… In fact, just last year one member took his course, reached out to him and they started speaking. Fast forward a month, he became an intern. Then, fast forward a year, he went from being an intern, to being an account manager, earning $72,000 a year, traveling to Europe with Rudy and all his events, while managing million $ accounts. Rudy loves to hire people from his courses as he knows you will know more than 99% of people AND he sends his whole team through this course as he knows how valuable it is.

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